We are a company that operates in the field of printing in the music and alternative sector.
Our services include:

*Prints DTG (Direct to Garment).
*Customized print.​
*​Embroidery directly on cloth or customized patches .
(the service will be operating from about 6 months)
*​Stickers (where we will be introduced shortly).
(the service will be operating from about 8 months)
* Production of mobile phone covers, plates, personalized mugs
(the service will be operating from about 12 months)

Digital printing offers a more high quality of details compared to the traditional press.
Production costs are usually more elevated, but thanks to the decentralization of productive activities, we can offer an excellent product at the same price of lower quality products.
All of our prints are made at high resolution with Dupont inks.
In addition, we offer you the possibility to create your own article about the same price of a standard article!
Visit the "Customize" section of our website and choose your product and follow the instructions for sending pictures to be printed.
Printing is a complex process for this right partner can make the difference!
Our company produces with passion, providing graphics and high-quality materials at competitive prices.
Every week we will insert new products in the field of music, anime, etc.
You subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date, or visit us on social networks.
Periodically, we send discount coupons to all our registered customers.

Happy surfing!

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